Grays Hill Baptist Church
Thursday, October 29, 2020
2749 Trask Parkway Beaufort, SC 29906

Pastor's Corner

As I look back at 25 years in ministry, I have witnessed heartache by the dozens, calamity on every side and disappointment at nearly every turn.  Grief has made his presence known.  I have witnessed the sudden passing of many friends and family.  This may sound sad or even depressing but the story doesn’t end there. I have had many joyous times in ministry.  There have been many that I have been able to lead to faith in Christ; both young and old as the Holy Spirit allowed.  I was able to baptize many of them.  I have witnessed God restore broken relationships.  He has revived people that the doctors had given up on.  God has truly been amazing as His grace abounds. The greatest joy of my life is to be carrying out the "God Called" gospel-preaching ministry.  To be able to proclaim His "Good News" and see peoples lives changed is just simply a joy.  He has provided me a good and godly wife that supports me on every side.  Sandy and I believe that we are in His Will here in Beaufort, South Carolina at Grays Hill Baptist Church.

                                             ~ Pastor James Baker
The Bread of Life 
John 6: 22-59
1. Jesus always spoke words that people could understand.
2. His communication always had purpose.
3. His message of salvation is free to anyone who will accept it.
4. Jesus is the Bread of Life.
5. Is He "my" Bread of Life?
"I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly." John 10:10
My Spirit Renewed
Nehemiah Chapters 8 & 9
1. The Word of God is central for renewal
2. The people gave their undivided attention (Verse 3)
3. The Holy Spirit moved (Verse 5)
4. The people confessed their sin to God (Chapter 9: 1-5)
5. The power of God was evidenced by their surrender (Chapter 8: 13-18)
When we surrender first place in our lives to God, great things will happen.
 Sermons are recorded and CDs can be made available for individuals to listen to the entire sermon.
What does the Fish symbol mean?
You may wonder why you see so many fish symbols on cars and trucks these days. Well, the fish is a Christian symbol which got it's origin after Jesus was ascended into Heaven. The new Christians were being persecuted and even put to horrible deaths because of their faith. The story goes that they devised a way to secretly signal other Christians or, if just meeting someone, to find out if that person were also a believer by simply taking their foot and casually drawing an arc with their toe on the ground. Then, if the other person was a Christian, he, just as causally, would draw an ark with his toe to complete the fish. Now, they could speak to each other about their faith and pass along information without fear. Additionally, Jesus has asked His followers (Christians) to be fishers of men. So the fish is a proud symbol of who we are.